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Space Invaders Deluxe

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Space Invaders Deluxe

1980 Midway

Year Acquired: 2008

When I got this game the sound and marquee lights did not work. These both use 12 volts, so I replaced a number of diodes. One was burnt up and I had an issue finding a replacement for what was a A14-373. They do not make these anymore, but I found out that a 1N5402 is close,so I picked up some of these and some 1N4004's and started swapping out diodes until the sound and lights worked. I found a ton of useful Space Invaders information on BrentRadio's Space Invaders page. I also picked up a switching power supply conversion kit from Elektron Forge, just in case I have to end up replacing the power supply. I installed a Multigame kit, so I can play few different versions of Space Invaders, along with a few other Taito games. I also replaced the buttons with illuminated LED buttons from GroovyGameGear. It took only took a few games to get used to the microswitches. The black light is a F15T8/BL (15W White Black Light UVA T-8 G13 Base).

This is the sequel to the original space alien vertical shooter. Move your laser base back and forth along the bottom of the screen and shoot endless waves of aliens marching towards you from the top. Shoot the flying saucers for extra points.

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