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Asteroids Machine


1979 Atari Incorporated

Year Acquired: 2003

This has been the closest to find and most difficult machine to move to date. I found this in a small gaming store less than a mile from my house. When it came time to move the machine in to its new home, it almost did not fit. This is the heaviest machine (probably heavier than the Cavalier Coke machine) and it has a strange shape to it. This shape made it almost impossible to upright in the basement. But as you can see - it did finally make it!
Update: What could be worse than bring this machine in to the basement? Taking it out of the basement and putting it in another basement! In order to make room for the Centipede, I had to move Asteroids out of the house.

A nice black and white vector game where you have to shoot the asteroids before they crash in to you. You also have to be on the look-out for flying saucers that are shooting at you. This is my cleanest machine. There are a few scratches on the outside but everything is clean, neat and unhacked.

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