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Pac-Man 96-in-1 maze list - with pictures.

Arcade Shop Amusements - New video game parts.

Arcade Shop Amusements Galaga Repair Page.

Asteroids Troubleshooting Encyclopedia - Repair tip for Asteroids.

AtariAge - Everything from manual scans, maps, screen shots and even a message board and store.

AtariGuide - Easy to navigate resource for the 2600 and more. Plus they sell games.

Best Electronics - Replacement parts for Atari game and computer systems.

BevNet discussion forum - Find out about the latest soda releases and where to find some hard-to-find brands. - Classic arcade game forum and community.

Durfee Coin-Op - The best source for used jukebox parts.

Elektron Forge - Specializing in Space Invaders PCB repairs and parts.

First Church of Pac-Man - Different rants and raves about Pac-Man.

GameRoom Magazine - Monthly magazine for gameroom collectibles.

GroovyGameGear - Distributes LED light up buttons.

International Arcade Museum - World's largest museum of the art, inventions, and history of the amusement and coin-operated machine industries.

Internet Pinball Database - filled with information, pictures and reviews of new and old pinball machines.

Killer List of Video Games - Internet's largest database of coin-operated video-games.

Killer List of Video Games Forum - A forum about arcade video games and pinball machines.

Lights To Go! - Control circuits for traffic lights.

Mike's Arcade - New video game parts and board repairs.

Ms. Pac-Man Project - Find out how to predict the actions of the ghosts in Ms. Pac-Man.

Multigame - Home of multi-Jamma and multi-game kits.

Pac-Man Info - Mowerman's site on Pac-Man repair.

Paper Arcade - Make miniature version of arcade cabinets. - Information about soda machines and a discussion forum.

Twin Galaxies - The Official Electronic Scoreboard. High Scores on all platforms of video games - since 1981.

Other Collector Gamerooms

BrentRadio - Home of the Jack Daniel's Barcade.

Jeff's Classic Arcade - Local (to me) arcade vide game collector.

Peter Hirschberg - Very cool and hugh gameroom (game barn?).

RotheBlog - Lots of info from another Indiana collector.

Arcade Crusade - Photo album site featuring many gamerooms.

Retro Arcades

1984 Arcade - Springfield, MO. $5 all you can play.

Barcade - Brooklyn, NY. Beer and classic games. What more is there?

Funspot - Weirs, NH. Home of the American Classic Arcade Museum.

Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade - Portland, OR.

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum - Farmington Hills, MI. Everything from antique mechanical games, to classic and modern games.

Pinball Hall of Fame - Las Vegas, NV. Filled with row upon row of great pinballs!

Star Worlds Arcade - DeKalb, IL. Small, but cozy collection of classic games.

Classic Arcade Game Locations - Find locations that still have classic arcade games.

Videos, Movies and Flovies

All Your Base Are Belong To Us - What happens when a Japanese video game contains a very poor translation to English? Someone makes a flovie poking fun at it!

Arcade '84 - A very cool 3-minute+ trip through an imaginary arcade circa 1984 entirely rendered in 3D computer graphics. The arcade is filled with more than 30 unique games presented in their original cabinets and decorated with their original artwork and animated game graphics.

MAME Jump - Donkey Kong sings the famous Van Halen hit.

MAME Rocks - Pac-Man sings Rock You Like a Hurricane (with Pac-Man Jr. on drums and the ghosts on guitar).

Video Computer System. A music video made from the sounds of Atari 2600 games. It features Atari-type graphics and it even has a Pitfall Matrix scene!. (If you are using a dial-up connection use this link)

1985 - Not exactly video game related, it is 80's related. Bowling For Soup's song about a person who grew up in the 80's. A lot of parodies of 80's music videos in this. (QuickTime version is available here)