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Blatz Unicycle

Blatz Unicycle

The little Blatz beer bottle guy rides around the inside of the beer barrel on his unicycle.

Hamm's Barrel

Hamm's Barrel

3-D barrel of the Hamm's bear (the bear is elevated in front of the rest of the scene.

Rolling Rock Plasma

Rolling Rock Plasma Bottle

A cool Rolling Rock bottle that is also a plasma ball!

Coke Menuboard

Sonic Menuboard

Menu Boards

There are two menu boards in the gameroom. The first is a Coke with changeable letters. This is used to keep track of the top players on the games. The second is from a Sonic drive-in.



Traffic Light Pedestrian Light

Traffic and Pedestrian Lights

Both lights have programmable sequencing circuits from Lights To Go!

Pedestrian Light
Tron Neon

Tron Recognizer Neon

This neon hangs above the Ms. Pac-Man table

Drive-In Speakers

Drive-In Speakers

My wife got me these from the local drive-in when they were undergoing some remodeling. They even have name of the drive-in stamped in them (49er).

Buttons Avoid the Noid and Ollie North


Some video game, beer, pop culture and other buttons that I have picked up over the years. In the middle you will see an Avoid the Noid button and an I Support Ollie in '88 buttons.