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Rock-Ola 440

Rock-Ola 440 Crown

Rock-Ola 440 Inserts

Rock-Ola 500 Wallbox


1969 Rock-Ola Manufacturing

Year Acquired: 1989

"Psychedelic Money-Grabber" is what ads call this jukebox. The Psychedelic part of this juke was also the hardest part to find. There are nine different picture disks at the top and there was an optional kit that could be added to make the disks transform to different colors. Finding the three colored wheels was no problem. Finding the motor and gear took over ten years to find. All of the jukebox parts people that I spoke with all said that they might have seen the motor a few decades ago, but no one could come up with one. Finally one day a search on ebay produced a psychedelic unit with what looked like the motor. When I received it the motor was shot, but at least it was a common motor and I now had the gear and mounting bracket. The motor and two of the disks are pictured below. Several Rock-Ola 500 series wallboxes are also placed throughout the house.

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